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UMKC Staff Recognized at the 2024 Meeting of the Minds Conference

UMKC Staff members, Aly Frydman and Sabrina Monsees, awarded the “Outstanding Professional” designation and Student Peer Educator, Brenna Cronin, awarded the “Outstanding Student” designation at this year's Meeting of the Minds Conference.

ePerformance Spring 2024

Progress Check-In forms are now live for employees in myHR and supervisors in PeopleSoft Manager Self-Service. You can learn more about the Progress Check-In process as well as get access to resources below.

Five UMKC State of the University 2024 Highlights

Chancellor announces research achievements, student-success milestones and major building initiatives

“We came in to work on swamp monkeys. It's something I'm never going to forget."

Macila Arnold

B.S.D.H. '23